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Evolution of African Prosperity: Volition Coop Rebrands as Vizient Coop

We are thrilled to announce that the cooperative you’ve always known as Volition Coop is now Vizient Coop.

Today opens a new chapter in our remarkable journey of financial empowerment. We broke new ground when our parent company, Volition Cap created the first African fund management model leveraging African cooperatives. Now, Volition Cap takes a back seat as our SEC-licensed fund manager.

As pioneers, we wore our badge with honor, but the winds of change have been stirred and so we now declare our independence.

We’ve chosen a fresh moniker to herald our exciting transformation. Our new name, Vizient, is a symbolic fusion of ‘Vision’ and ‘Prescient’, encapsulating our foresight and pioneering spirit. It’s a testament to our commitment to craft a unique, home-grown model that champions prosperity for Africans and Diasporans globally.

As we serve Nigerians in the Diaspora, we will improve our country’s Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) by bringing remittance Dollars back home. We also have a new app in the works. Shhh…

At Vizient Coop, here’s our promise to the industrious and determined – as long as you’re honest and hardworking, we’ll help you to create wealth so you can fulfil your dreams. We’ll do the heavy lifting: navigating financial complexities, from due diligence to fund management, leaving you to witness your investments multiply with peace of mind. 

As a valued member of Vizient Coop, rest assured that we’re relentlessly championing your financial well-being. Collecting your returns will be a moment of celebration. 

We have your back and will remain the credible cooperative you’ve always known. 

Welcome to the family. 

Vizient Coop

Create Purposeful Wealth