Investment Pools

Managed by SEC licensed firm


Our cooperative offers Naira and Dollar investments for different risk profiles and investment objectives. We’ve pre-selected asset classes for each pool to make things simple.



Low risk ₦ pool

  • 12 months
  • Principal guaranteed
  • 18.5% target return p.a
  • Money market funds, treasury bills and bonds



Low risk $ pool

  • 12 months
  • Principal guaranteed
  • 10.5% target return p.a
  • Dollar funds and bonds



Low risk $ pool. Top up is only $250

  • 3 years, option of annual payouts
  • Principal guaranteed
  • 12% target return p.a
  • Real estate and bonds



Medium risk $ pool. Top up is only $250

  • 5 years, option of annual payouts
  • Non-principal guaranteed
  • 20% target return p.a
  • Equities, currencies, commodities and asset-backed debt finance


$50,000 or N50,000,000

Customized $ or ₦ pool. Top up is flexible

  • Investment planning session
  • Variable duration
  • Custom asset classes and returns
  • 2% annual management fee


  • Maximize your investments! Monthly top-ups are a way to earn monthly income too!
  • Say goodbye to investment risks with our cooperative! We hedge your bets by insulating each month’s investment from the next. That’s why we run monthly cycles.
  • Top-ups for Gold and Platinum only run for the remainder of the investment period. Our tiered approach ensures all investments mature within their respective timeframes.