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What makes
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  • We care about the middle class and work towards their financial independence.
  • Our cooperative is led by SEC-licensed fund managers. They bring on board a wealth of knowledge and access.
  • Our operating costs are kept lean and we negotiate preferred rates to deliver above-market returns.
  • We have partnerships with global funds to reduce currency and political risks.
  • We directly manage investments to minimize third-party defaults.
  • Our executives have professional histories and reputations lending to the credibility of the platform.
  • Members take our investment course for free to deepen financial literacy.

Investment pools

Our cooperative offers Naira and Dollar investments for different risk profiles and investment objectives.
We've pre-selected asset classes for each pool to make things simple.



Low risk ₦ pool



Low risk $ pool



Low risk $ pool

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When it comes to financial matters, High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) occupy a distinct, elevated space. Their considerable wealth presents them with exceptional investment opportunities, alongside the responsibility of making wise decisions. Unearthing the most advantageous options from the ever-changing landscape of available choices can prove challenging. Let’s examine three primary investment pathways for HNIs: […]

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