Impact Story

By the numbers

We have tested the model and it works


Investment club members that have achieved financial independence in 3 years


Channeled into African SMEs in strategic sectors like Real Estate, Agriculture and Media; creating jobs and fostering economic growth


YoY AUM growth


Africans empowered with financial literacy and investment planning


Average return generated by our funds in USD per annum. Higher in local currency


Investment club members on the path to financial independence


Unlocking opportunities in Nigeria’s film industry

We are bridging the gap between Africa’s creatives and global media platforms by funding the most audacious media projects by Africans for the world to see.


"My experience with Vizient Coop has been quite rewarding. The most remarkable aspect is their professionalism, prompt feedback and responsive service. I have recommended them to my friends."

Senior Officer, Armed Forces

"My journey with Vizient Coop began in 2018. I’m super impressed about my financial progress and confident about the capability of the team. I look forward to the next 5 years."

Professional, Oil Services Sector

"The return on my investment enabled me to build a nest-egg and empowered me to pivot my career from a 9 to 5 to a fully remote role."

Female, 37, Banking Professional

"My investment has really made a difference in my financial planning. All my basic expenses like transportation, food and clothing are covered by my returns. This has given me significant flexibility."

Male, 28, Digital Content Professional

"The investment club enabled me to receive returns for my otherwise redundant savings and make long-term plans for my children’s future. Now I can afford to send them to any University they get accepted to."

Female, 47, Oil & Gas Services Professional

"Being a member of the investment club enhanced my financial literacy and provided insights on the investment options available to busy, working-class individuals like me."

Male, 45, Senior Civil Service Official

"There are many investment clubs but what differentiates Vizient Coop is the sincerity and transparency of its founders. Even in a tumultuous investment climate, they provide timely market intelligence and keep members abreast of developments."

Female, 55, Clean Energy Business Owner

"Our company was able to empower underserved communities because of affordable housing made possible by the investment we received through Vizient Coop."

Male, 34, CEO, Real Estate Developer